26"x33" Cold Water Soluble Bags
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26"x33" Cold Water Soluble Bags.  Clear Colour with Red Tie Tape. Case of 100 bags (4 rolls of 25 bags each roll).  Bags are overlayed on roll for easy dispensing (not perforated). Tie tape dissolves at 40F with bag fully dissolving above 77F.  Fits 18" Hamper with 20-25 gallon capacity.

4 rolls x 25 bags each roll are packaged in white cases 7.6 lbs with 11.4" x 7.9" x 4.3" dimensions.

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26"x33" Cold Water Soluble Bags

Price: $71.50
20 or more: $66.50 each
100 or more: $65.10 each
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